Specifcally to gas stations, our Fuel Controller Software allows you to know exactly how many liters of fuel are being dispensed, who dispensed them and how the transactions were paid

One-touch fuel authorization

You will know exactly the state of your fuel inventory at any given time for re-ordering and accounting purposes

We provide an Integrated Gas Pump controller that allows you to authorize and track your gas sales directly from the till

Fast transactions, both inside and outside at the pump

Train new associates in minutes, not days

Support food, merchandise and fuel all in one transaction

Intuitive touch-screen POS interface reduces training time to minutes

Integrated credit, debit, fleet, PO, and loyalty card processing

  • Our software guarantees:
  • Full reporting
  • Compact design since the computer is directly built into the til
  • Reduced cost and faster returnsCustomised reports to help you analyse your performance and make accurate forecasts